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Announcing the new KSA Digital Library

April 20, 2011

On April 1st, we (Lorrie McAllister and I) launched the new Digital Library for the Knowlton School of Architecture:

Entrance page of the KSA Digital Library

The library is built in Drupal 6, running on a WAMP stack. The site’s search functions are handled by a separate Solr server which is running Tomcat. We were able to build the entire project without building a module of our own (although that may be changing as we roll out new features). There are 55 modules in sites/all/modules, including such usual suspects as CCK, Views, Panels, and Workflow. The theme is based on zen_ninesixty.

This project was definitely a learning experience, and was easily the most complex endeavor I’ve tackled on the web (significantly larger in scale and complexity than the MatchNight scouting engine). While I’m very grateful to everyone in the Drupal community for making this platform so robust and powerful, I’d like to especially note the people at Lullabot, Cyrve, and the singular merlinofchaos. While I didn’t directly interact with any of these people, I found myself using the modules and techniques they developed a great deal.

Lorrie and I are working on a more formal announcement which will review the details of our process and the outcomes. For now, though, I’m just incredibly happy that the process has reached this point.

KSA News article: “KSA Digital Library re-released with new features and content

(this post also appears, with a slightly different focus, and Lorrie and I’s co-authored blog, “Adventures in Open Education“)


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