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Three Tough Games

February 10, 2008

So it looks like things are heating up, soccer-wise. Last week’s US-Mexico game was a lot of fun to watch, even though it did break with the tradition of 2-0 victories. The Crew started preseason with a 4-0 win over Kansas City, and the youth teams got underway as well (still waiting on results there).

The thing I’m most excited about, though, is the report coming from Ives that the US is setting up a fantastic trio of games for this summer:

  • May 28, USA vs. England, at Wembley
  • June 4, USA vs. Spain, at a Spanish site TBD
  • June 8, USA vs. Argentina, somewhere in the northeast (Boston?)

Damn. I’ll have to break out the media guide, but it would only be a slight exaggeration to say that we go whole decades without playing the caliber of opponent we’ll be facing in a fortnight this summer.

All this will be in preparation for the beginning of World Cup qualifying, which will see us take on either Barbados or Dominica in a home-and-home series on June 15th and 22nd. Quite a drop in opponent quality, eh?

This is gonna be fun…

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