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The way hockey was meant to be played

January 1, 2008
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Today being New Year’s Day, there was football aplenty on TV. Following a long-standing tradition, our family got together with our friends the Fellraths at Champps to watch the festivities, chat, and generally have a good time. Mission accomplished on all fronts, but that’s not what has me writing tonight.

Amongst all the football, NBC kicked off their NHL coverage with the Pittsburgh-Buffalo game – played outdoors in front of 76,000+ people at the Buffalo Bills stadium. In a snowstorm. Damn, did that look amazing.

In talking with Jamie about the game, it occured to me that perhaps this might be a good idea for the NHL generally. Forget playing indoors – bring the games outside, for all teams. Hockey is a game on ice, and ice is found outside. The game looked so much better being played in the elements – even discounting the fact that the crowd size was inflated because this was a special occurrence.

This would also have the side benefit of getting rid of teams in places where ice doesn’t occur naturally – i.e. Florida, Texas, Arizona and Los Angeles. Which would probably be A Good Thing. Granted, Columbus doesn’t get much snow/ice either, so it might be a challenge to keep the Jackets – but I’m willing to risk that.

Now, back to Hawaii-Georgia.

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