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December 26, 2007

You know, I really do need to be better about remembering to post here. I’ve been doing okay with updating my MySpace and Facebook profiles, but – especially since the announcement that 360 is going to be morphing/shutting down – I haven’t had the heart to maintain this like I used to.

Xavier is doing well, although we’re getting ready to call a halt to all train purchases. Carole and I survived the Christmas season reasonably well, although I’m afraid of what next month’s bills are going to look like.

Ohio State lost in the final to Wake Forest, but I can’t be too upset seeing as A) I didn’t see any of their games this season and B) we weren’t expected to even make it to the NCAA tournament in the first place, much less make the College Cup and then the final. Plus, it makes for some nice symmetry, having lost the football and basketball finals as well. Maybe we can turn over a new leaf against LSU in a week or so.

I’d say that I’ll try to post more, but I’m not sure I can deliver on that. Drop me an email or something if you’d like to chat, I’m always interested in hearing from friends.

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