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Lets Go Buckeyes

December 9, 2007

Much to my astonishment, the football Buckeyes are once again in the BCS National Championship Game. Congratulations to Jim Tressel and the team, although I think LSU is a deserved favorite in this game. They’ll practically be playing at home, and they’ve certainly survived a number of tough games this year. Contrast with Ohio State’s relatively weak schedule, and I’m thinking it will be Louisiana, not Ohio, celebrating the first two-time BCS champion.

But that’s not why I’m writing – I’m most excited right now about the fact that the men’s soccer Buckeyes have made it to the College Cup for the first time in their history. John Bluem’s team first earned their highest ever seeding in the NCAA Tournament (#5), and only their second Big Ten championship – then saw off a number of good teams to not only make it past the Sweet 16 for the first time in history, but they’re off to Cary, NC next weekend.

Read the whole story of their 4-0 win over Bradley here

So, congratulations soccer Buckeyes – I’ll have to find a place on Friday at 7 PM to watch you play.

Should Ohio State make it to the final next Sunday (a big if, still) they’ll have played for three men’s team championships in the last 12 months (with a fourth game coming next month). Which is a huge accomplishment – even if we have lost the last two.

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