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Chris Armas Retires

November 16, 2007

Chris Armas called time on his 12-year career earlier this week, and one of the folks on the NAS mailing list posted this link to the Chicago Tribune story:

Tough to Walk Away
Ultimate competitor Armas gives in – retirement official

No player was as respected as Armas in the locker room. His poise helped calm teammates in high-pressure situations. His down-to-earth persona helped newcomers make their transitions.

Armas made it a point to remember his new teammates’ names right away and often went out of his way to welcome them, even if he knew they wouldn’t make the roster.

Reading this description of Armas, I couldn’t help but be reminded how much the Crew miss a player like this. Oughton is probably the closest thing we have, but for various reasons he hasn’t come to be the new “face” of the Crew the way Armas has been in many ways. I’m not sure we have a face, these days – which might be one of the things we’ve been missing?

I’ve done some more work on the “worst team” analysis also – another draft of that should be coming soon.

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