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November 3, 2007

So no sooner do I post about how the Indians are one win from the World Series than they become decidedly mortal and lose three straight. I don’t feel too bad, though as the Red Sox then throttled Colorado – but it would have been nice to see the Tribe actually finish the job.

Some additional sports-related thoughts:

* I laugh at DC United. They’re a great franchise, and they have some amazing players – but they completely flamed out in the playoffs. Ha-ha.

* Damn it, that means Chicago’s in the conference finals. Playing either New York (I still refuse to use their name-us-after-a-corporate-sponsor name) or New England. None of which I get all that excited about. Not that I’d have an easier time if it was DC, but then at least it would be the Supporters Shield winner and there’d be a clear favorite. Who’s alive in the West, still?

* While I’m glad to see Ohio State is still undefeated, I also saw LSU rally to beat Alabama tonight – and Oregon seems to be doing the business against undefeated Arizona State. The wins in Happy Valley and against Wisconsin today have certainly avenged some demons for this program, but I’m still not ready to believe completely yet. I said something in the last post about Washington and Purdue not being bad? Washington’s record is what, now? The Big Ten seems to be the OSU and Michigan show (yawn), so in a way we won’t know how good the Buckeyes are until after the game up in Ann Arbor. Its also been mentioned that with this year’s championship game, LSU would have to be the favorite against anybody else if only because they’re basically playing at home.

* Hooray, Fulham finally won a match. And Clint Dempsey scored the winner. Come on, you Whites. That’s only what, their second win in 12 matches? Or their third in 13? Hopefully McBride comes back healthy, and sooner than the New Year.

* Lille are no better, with 3 wins in 13 matches on the season. Let’s hear it for mid-table mediocrity! Hopefully they’ll have highlights on that new show on CSN tomorrow evening.

* I was on Boise State’s bandwagon last year for being undefeated, and as much as it pains me I might have to start thinking about touting Kansas’ horn this time around. They are still undefeated, after all – but teams like Oregon and LSU are making an excellent case for the one-loss ranks.

* Sigh – how long until the Crew take the field again? Or at least the high school playoffs? Stow are out (as far as I can tell), but I would like to watch soccer live and in person at some point.

* I can’t think of anything to say about Notre Dame, or Michigan State, at this point. I was hoping each would emerge from today’s games, but I see I’m bound for disappointment. Sorry, Bill, Dad, and Jamie.

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