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Sports as a prism

October 17, 2007

Its been said (not sure when or by whom) that you can understand more of life by looking at sports. In that spirit – or because I’m becoming more of a sports fanatic – here are a few sports-related thoughts:

* There’s no way in h*ll that Ohio State is the #1 team in the country. I’m a proud alumnus, don’t get me wrong, but its really, really hard to believe that there’s no team out there better than the Buckeyes. Is it possible to leave the #1 slot empty? All the juggernaut teams have been upset, leaving teams like ours to reap the benefits – not of their own success, but of others’ failures.

Maybe if we can get through the rest of the season undefeated, we can talk about deserving a #1 ranking. Now? Beating Youngstown State, Akron, and Kent State shouldn’t get you anything other than a cup of coffee. Throw in Minnesota and Northwestern? Ha. The only halfway decent challenges we’ve had have been Washington and Purdue – which aren’t slouches, don’t get me wrong, but they’re hardly USC or LSU. Or even BC or USF.

There’s probably a lesson forming here about the spoils going to those who persist, but let’s not go too far down that road until, say, late November. I can also hear the grandfather from Princess Bride saying “who says life is fair? where is that written?”

* For the third year running, the Crew will not be making the MLS playoffs. Is this the longest streak any team has had without making the postseason? I don’t have a media guide handy.

When did McCullers become the GM, again? What have we done since that date? And we’re really going to renew his contract? He seems like a nice guy, and some decent business deals have gotten done – but if on-field performance is part of his responsibility, its hard to give him a passing grade in these conditions.

* The silver lining in the Crew’s futility is the resurgence of Cleveland teams, I suppose. First we had the Cavs reach the Finals for the first time in their history, and now the Tribe are one win away from their first World Series in 10 years. Not that I follow either team in all that much detail, but its good to know that at least a few teams I have an attachment to are enjoying some well-earned success.

More tomorrow, hopefully, including pictures of my latest project for Sacha.

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