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OSU moves to the semifinals

August 10, 2007

So DARPA announced the 36 teams that would be moving to the semifinals of their next Grand Challenge, the “Urban Grand Challenge”. Thankfully, the OSU-ACT team was one of them. Woohoo, Go Bucks!

I’ve written about the Grand Challenges before, not only from DARPA but also things like the Ansari X Prize – so you can take everything I’ve said before and apply it here as well.

The semifinalists will compete in a qualifying event before 20 teams are announced as the finalists – to compete at an abandoned base in California. Not bad odds, just don’t be in the bottom half. Not being involved in these fields at all, I have no idea who the favorites are. I’m just glad OSU’s there, along with Case Western and Michigan. Sorry, Jamie, I don’t see ND on the list…

Oh – one other cool thing – the OSU team has a hybrid as their base car. Granted, it’s a hybrid SUV, but still a hybrid.

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