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The Air Car

July 25, 2007

One of the students here at school sent me these videos – with all the brouhaha over hybrids, I\’m even more intrigued by this:

Of course, I can\’t help but see that the car seems underpowered for an American market – top speed of 110 Km/H? Yes, that\’s 70 MPH (plenty fast and still safe) but I know it\’ll raise eyebrows among consumers.

The bigger question, for me, is the safety issue. First, with an aluminum body and frame I worry if I\’m T-boned by somebody driving a Ford Expedition (18+ feet long, 5800+ lbs) – will I survive? Second, in an accident like that, what happens to the compressed air tanks? I see they\’re made of carbon fiber which means no shrapnel, but…

For more information:

In contrast to the Expedition, the Air Car (Minicat model) weighs in at 1,212 pounds and is just over 8\’6\” long. So three of them would be just a bit longer than an Expedition, and still not weight as much.

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