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On Clothes

July 17, 2007

So lately I’ve been doing a lot of surfing, looking at vaguely artsy sites and images that are vaguely related to the fab lab that I coordinate here at school. Looking around at sites like Make, Instructables, and Flickr has shown me some pretty cool stuff, among which have been some pretty interesting fashion projects.

Not that I’m particularly eager to ditch my usual attire for things like this, but it has given me pause a few times. Here’s a sampling of images.


J. Meejin Yoon’s Mobius dress – structured only by the human body

Lumalive “light-emitting textiles” by Phillips…

Foldable OLED (Organic LED)…

The Fire Skirt, courtesy of Instructables

LED tank top, from CRAFT

Now, how come things like this never seem to make it to the guys’ section of Target? How cool would it be to be able to play Tetris on my shirt?

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