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I moved a ton of concrete today…

June 25, 2007

Actually, I moved almost two and a half tons of concrete today if you want to get technical. As part of the \”rebuild the shed\” project, I need to pour a new (now larger than ever!) foundation. So today, Lowe\’s very helpfully delivered 61 bags of concrete. Each bag weighs 80 pounds for a combined weight of 4,880 lbs. That\’s almost two and a half tons.

Not so helpfully, Lowe\’s deliveries come on a very big forklift – this thing must have been 8 feet wide. The fence in my back yard has a gate that is not quite \”very\” big – so the delivery guy left a palette of 61 bags of concrete on my driveway. I don\’t have a palette jack or any other way of moving the concrete in one shot. So its my back and arms (and a wheelbarrow).

Most unhelpfully, I also don\’t have a spare palette – so in addition to having to move 61 bags of concrete into my back yard, I then had to move the palette into my back yard and move the 61 bags of concrete – again – to get them up off the ground in case it rains. So if you want to get super technical, I moved almost 5 tons of concrete this afternoon.

Did I mention that its 86 degrees and 50% humidity today? No wonder I was sweating like Mike Tyson in a spelling bee. But, its done – and as you can see from the picture above, the concrete is once again on its palette, covered in plastic, ready for tomorrow\’s pouring adventure.

My aches are not helped by the fact that I played soccer yesterday for the first time in over a month, and the first time outdoors since last August. And I biked to work on Friday (8 mile round trip) so its no wonder that my body is considering mutiny as I type this. Oh well – you know what they say about \”what doesn\’t kill you\”…

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