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Gold Cup History

June 22, 2007

With the US in the Gold Cup Final on Sunday against Mexico, I was curious about the history of the tournament – where it had been played before, who was in it, and who won. So here’s the results:

Year Host Champion Score Runner-Up Semifinalists
1991 USA USA 0-0 (4-3 PK) Honduras Mexico, Costa Rica
1993 USA & Mexico Mexico 4-0 USA Costa Rica, Jamaica
1996 USA Mexico 2-0 Brazil USA, Guatemala
1998 USA Mexico 1-0 USA Brazil, Jamaica
2000 USA Canada 2-0 Colombia Peru, Trinidad & Tobago
2002 USA USA 2-0 Costa Rica Canada, South Korea
2003 USA & Mexico Mexico 1-0 (OT) Brazil USA, Costa Rica
2005 USA USA 3-1 Panama Honduras, Colombia
2007 USA ??? ??? ??? Canada, Guadalupe

My thoughts, looking at this chart…

  • I’m very glad that there aren’t any guest players in this year’s tournament.
  • As glad as I am to have a chance to see these games in person, isn’t it time to let somebody else host? Mexico could do it alone, or even Canada. I realize it’ll never happen (money talks, after all) but as a US supporter I want more experience playing away to prepare for World Cup qualifying.
  • There’s only been one final where both teams have scored? Wow.
  • If the US wins on Sunday (knock on wood) I think we’d have a claim on being the best team in the region over the history of the tournament. Mexico and the US would both have 4 titles, but Mexico would only have 5 final appearances to 6 for the US, and the US has only failed to make the semis once (in 2000), while El Tri has failed three times (2000, 2002, and 2005).
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