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Bloomberg for President?

June 20, 2007

I’ve been loosely following the posturing among would-be Presidential candidates with mild interest, wondering (along with so many others) about the early start to this campaign. There are some intriguing candidates in both camps, but I haven’t been really excited by anyone yet.

Today, though, I thought this was interesting:

Bloomberg Severs G.O.P. Ties, Fueling Talk of ’08 Bid (New York Times)

A Historical Look – The Third Way (graphic from the New York Times)

I’m generally a sucker for an independent candidacy, even though they’re generally no-hopers. While I don’t have any delusions that Bloomberg could succeed where others have failed, I do have some hope that it might help strengthen a third-party movement generally.

Then, the cynic in me realizes that there’s probably no way the Republicans and Democrats would allow a third party to rise – they’ll move centrally or otherwise co-opt whatever ideological ground the newcomers try to claim…

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