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What Technology Is For

May 14, 2007

My job gives me an opportunity to work with a lot of cool technology, some of which I\’ve blogged about before. This morning, I got an email from a student about an article on how to achieve this:

Laser Cut Cake!!!

Oh yes – we can apparently now use our $30,000 laser cutter not to assemble architectural models, but to do custom cake designs. How cool is that? Oh wait – that reminds me:

When the Sous-Chef Is an Inkjet

This time, the New York Times gets in on describing the action. Inkjet-printing a picture of food on edible paper. I don\’t want to know how much it costs to eat at that restaurant, but I\’ll have to check it out the next time I\’m in Chicago. And finally…

Rapid Prototyping With Cheese

This is the FabAtHome website, the nexus for the home-built rapid prototypers that are starting to become available. While the commercial products use materials like ABS plastic, metal alloys, and plaster, the Do It Yourself crowd is focusing on materials like silicone, cheese whiz, chocolate, and icing. This is where the photo at the top comes from – someone printed a house, wall, and garden on a cracker.

Tell me this isn\’t cool.

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  1. weregrouch permalink
    May 15, 2007 3:53 am

    If you go to the local Giant Eagle or Acme, and some of the better bakeries, they all have the inkjet edible photos for their cakes. But the “edible” paper is merely something that won’t hurt you if you eat it. It all tastes like… paper!

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