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With Great Salary Comes…

May 7, 2007

Eddie Gaven, meet Aaron Chandler. Aaron Chandler, meet Eddie Gaven. The two of you are the highest and lowest-paid players on the Crew roster, including much-ballyhooed forward Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

At least, so says the MLS Players Union, which last week published the full list of all player salaries in the league. Gaven’s base salary is $165,000 – with guaranteed compensation reaching $188,000 by the time you figure in bonuses. Looking only at his base salary, Gaven will make $13,750 per month – which is almost a thousand dollars more than Aaron Chandler ($12,900) will make all year.

There’s some interesting stuff in the salary figures. The Crew’s highest paid players after Gaven are (guaranteed compensation in parantheses):

Frankie Hejduk ($175,000)
Marcos Gonzalez ($162,250)
Guillermo Barros Schelotto ($150,000)
Andy Herron ($148,750)
Chad Marshall ($123,000)
Ricardo Virtuoso ($102,000)

The bottom group? Working upwards from Chandler…

Andy Gruenebaum ($17,700)
Brandon Moss ($17,700)
Bill Gaudette ($30,000)
Bill Hesmer ($30,870)

Interesting that all three goalkeepers collectively ($78,570) make so little money, all being in the bottom 5 of the team. Jon Busch, for comparison, makes $58,008 – but he’s nowhere close to the highest-paid goalkeeper. That honor apparently goes to Shaka Hislop ($220,000) followed by Ronald Waterreus ($200,000). Hmm…what’s Dallas GAA looking like these days?

More comparisons if I get time to geek out later.

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