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Xavier’s First Bus Ride

March 19, 2007

Xavier went on his first bus ride this morning. I woke up too late, and Carole had already gotten him dressed and had to leave for work herself. So I fed him breakfast, checked the bus route information, and together we boarded COTA.

All told, it went fairly well – he wanted to climb down off my lap a few times to go exploring, but accepted being redirected well enough. I’m glad I didn’t have to make any more transfers than the one, and that it wasn’t too terribly cold out. He was bundled up in his snowsuit, so I don’t think he was uncomfortable at all, but I’m still glad we didn’t have to risk it. We were waiting for buses for maybe 3 minutes for the first bus, and about 10 minutes for the one transfer.

I’m really, really happy with how he took the bus – part of me was concerned about whether he’d be scared of the big moving bus with all these strangers on it. He stared at a few people, but didn’t seem scared at all; he’s exhibited fear of strangers (and fear of my family) in the past, but all was well today. It helped that nobody was trying to be too familiar with him – a few people smiled and waved, but of course nobody tried to pick him up and talk to him like his aunts and uncles do.

I don’t plan on waking up late any more – it’s 8:42 AM as I write this, and I was supposed to be at work at 8 AM – but its good to know that I have this option available should I need it.

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