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Two Days At The Airport

March 3, 2007

So our quest for a new Director continues. The school where I work has been running under the guidance of an interim director for the last year and a half – the reasons why are long and boring to most of you (and the rest already know the story). It does mean that we’re looking for a new person to lead the school, and I’ve been tapped to serve on the search committee.

As part of that process, we spent the last two days in a conference room at a hotel by the airport, talking to a seemingly endless parade of candidates. It was a bit hard at times – the room wasn’t the most conducive to comfort or stimulation, and while we’re only there 8 hours a day they’re very exhausting hours mentally. Each candidate gets 90 minutes with the committee, and there’s only so many ways you can ask (and answer) some of the questions we’re interested in.

Still, by the end of the interviews today I think we’re generally impressed with the quality of candidates in the pool. We’re supposed to meet again on Monday as a committee to decide on who we want to advance to the next round – at which point I’ll have more leeway to talk about who they are.

In the meantime, it’s been somewhat amusing watching the different perspectives and personalities on the search committee play out. Everyone in the group brings their own perspective – and I respect all of them – but its nonetheless somewhat amusing when faculty make sideways comments about the “long hours” of starting the first interview at 8:00 AM and running through about 5:00 PM with a one hour break for lunch. I haven’t had the heart to bring up that this is just a normal work day from some perspectives.

(then again, as I said, there is a grueling quality to these interviews – so they’re not entirely being unreasonable)

There’s much more that I’d like to say, but I’d rather not get anyone in trouble by talking about specifics. Maybe sometime I can say more over a beer after work.

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