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Additional Soccer Reading…

February 21, 2007

A fair number of interesting articles lately in the soccer world…here is a sampling:

Crew will focus more on strength, conditioning

Apparently the Crew is bringing on the protégé of the guy who ran Sigi’s Galaxy fitness regime when they won the Cup in 2002. He can’t do worse than last year, when (according to the article) the Crew missed an average of 7.5 players per game due to injury.

You read that right – from a roster of 18 players (and a hanful of developmental players), we had to scrape together a starting 11 and 7 subs from, on average, 11.5 healthy players a game. No wonder times were tough last year.

USSF to Seek to Host 2018 World Cup, but ’14 Also a Possibility

Very interesting – the one soccer mailing list I’m still on has been agog trying to discern what stadia might be used to host. The conventional wisdom so far seems to be that the bid would focus on NFL stadia at the expense of the MLS grounds, both on their relative capacities and on the tongue-in-cheek notion that MLS, as usual, will play through the World Cup.

The Cottage Professor

A great look at the career of one Brian McBride – so often injured for the Crew, but who has managed to play in 76 consecutive games for Fulham. Damn. The article also closes with a pointed note to the guys at USSF to consider hiring him as a forwards coach for all levels of US Soccer as soon as he’s ready to hang up his boots. I concur.

I’d post more, but unfortunately I’ve got a big committee meeting coming up that I have to prepare for. More later…

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 21, 2007 5:49 am

    by 2018 hopefully the LA stadium will be built and that can be the natural location of the final

    Today I would think Miami, DC (FEDEX), Tampa, Orlando, San Diego, Phoenix, KC, Seattle, Houston, and New York and New England

    But by then Miami, KC, and San Diego would be old, and there’d be the new stadia in Dallas, Indy, LA, and maybe even NY if they bid for the 2016 olympics.

    plus – why would Miami have been excluded in 94? Instead they play in the SuperDome? Crazy. I bet politics.

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