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Former Crew Players in the EPL

January 31, 2007

So has been running down the teams of the English Premiership, giving mid-season report cards for each: Player of the Season, Disappointment of the Season, and Revelation of the Season. Some excerpts from the teams they’ve done so far:


Player Of the Season:

It should be seen as no criticism of the Blackburn squad that Brad Friedel has been their best player of the season; it’s simply an acknowledgement of the fact that, as he has been for many seasons at Ewood Park, the American is worth as many points over a Premiership campaign as any other keeper in the division.

The two most recent shining examples are the 1-0 win over Liverpool on Boxing Day and the 3-0 victory over Manchester City last weekend. It’s easy to credit a goalkeeper with a major role in a 1-0 win – and Friedel certainly deserves credit for his performance against Liverpool – but without him and a string of point-blank saves, the 3-0 win over Manchester City could have been a 3-0 loss.


Player of the Season:

As the best example of a traditional English centre-forward (well, nationality excepted) plying his trade in the Premiership, Brian McBride is a fans’ favourite in F365 Towers as well as Craven Cottage. As usual this season, he’s hardly been prolific but has scored a steady amount of goals – ten, to be exact. That’s as many as any other three Fulham players added together.

The big McBride question has always been how effective he would be alongside a genuine goalscorer. He has the workrate, aerial ability and unselfishness to help an out-and-out striker score bucketloads – but would he actually cut the mustard? With Vincenzo Montella alongside him for the second half of the season, we might finally get an answer.

Sigh…and to think that these two used to prowl the field together back in Ohio Stadium for about a year and a half.

Hopefully Andy Herron will become the forward that so many others before him have failed to be.

For masochistic pleasure, here is the Crew’s all-time stats for the forwards, going down until I got to a forward who had never scored – at which point I couldn’t bring myself to collate any more. These stats are from 1996 through about August of last year, as I haven’t had a chance to finish putting in the stats from the last 8 games of 2006.

Player Games Minutes Goals Assists Points
Brian McBride 161 13973 62 45 169
Jeff Cunningham 182 11380 62 43 167
Edson Buddle 106 6852 42 15 99
Stern John 55 4463 44 7


Dante Washington 76 4945 28 14 70
Pete Marino 57 2939 19 8 46
Adrian Paz 27 1810 6 10 20
Cornell Glen 22 1241 4 4 12
A.J. Wood 16 1272 3 3 9
Knox Cameron 30 1159 4 1 9
John Wolyniec 18 922 3 1 7
David Testo 33 1474 1 4 6
Joseph Ngwenya 14 1052 3 0 6
Kei Kamara 16 859 3 0 6
Ante Razov 7 505 1 1 3
Michael Ritch 15 418 1 1 3
Jamal Sutton 9 335 1 1 3
Jason Garey 18 1116 1 0 2
Alex Pineda Chacon 8 325 0 2 2


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  1. Jamie permalink
    January 31, 2007 11:56 am

    So… EVERY forward we have at this point is less effective than A.J. Wood.

    Deep sigh…

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