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December 29, 2006

So, the holidays are almost over. Thank goodness. I’ve seen quite enough of hospitals over the last 4-5 days, thank you very much.

Things started on Christmas Eve, when we had to take Xavier to the ER with some shallow breathing and a fever – the on-call doctor from our pediatrician’s office thought it was probably something simple, but we decided we’d rather deal with things at 8 PM, in the urgent care center, rather than at 3 AM in the ER – until we got to the urgent care center and they’d closed at 6 because it’s Christmas Eve. So we ended up sitting in the ER for 3 hours or so anyway, with a cranky 13-month-old who needed to be asleep but was too wound up being in a new place to -ever- sleep.

My memory of the night that I’d give anything not to re-live: holding my son as the nurse gets the breathing treatment ready, looking at him as he looks over all the tubes and strange machinery, shaking all over as he screams in rage at the situation – almost as if by sheer force of will he could obliterate it all from existence. The intent look of fear and hatred in his eyes is something I never want to see again.

He’s fine now – we saw the doctor two days later (the day after Christmas) and she proscribed some additional medication for him – his breathing was almost better by that point anyway, we’re just dealing with an ear infection that was caused by all of this at this point.

The second hospital experience has been my sister-in-law, who had surgery on Thursday to remove some cancerous cells from her kidney. It looks like they got it all, which is a big relief – this type of cancer doesn’t respond to chemotherapy, so it was either get it surgically or don’t get it at all. She’ll be in the hospital probably until after the new year. I finally got to see her today (most of the time its Carole who goes, since the two of them are really close).

I’ve been meaning to write a more thoughtful piece – I even checked out Jose Luis Borges’ “Labyrinths” from the library to get my mind going in a more intellectual bent – but so far nothing’s come of that exercise. I’ve also been doing more thinking on the whole “belief/faith/religion” axis, but nothing’s coalesced yet. In the meantime, hopefully all of you out there who read this are having a good holiday season. Hug yourself for me, okay?

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    December 29, 2006 9:18 pm

    similar circumstances here – sick relatives not doing their best – but what can you do?

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