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Thoughts on Bradley vs. Klinsmann

December 9, 2006

So Bob Bradley is going to be the next coach of the National Team, apparently. While his official title is “interim” coach, with a contract through 2008 and no timeline for naming the “real” coach, that designation is basically meaningless – he’s the coach.

A few years ago, Bradley was the heir apparent to Arena – but that was before Arena’s tenure ended with the disappointment of Germany ’06 and Bradley was fired from the MetroStars (MLS’ graveyard of coaches). And before the Federation decided to flirt with high profile candidates like Juergen Klinsmann and Jose Pekerman – which of course are more attractive because we see them on TV coaching higher profile squads like Germany and Argentina, as opposed to a club team like the MetroStars, Chivas USA, or Chicago.

There are some interesting parallels between this coaching search and the search for a Director at the school where I work. Both organizations are doing a bit of soul-searching, having gone through some rough times lately. Both have aspirations of greatness, but are on many levels a second-tier organization – and have a history of being even lower on the totem pole.

So what sort of leader do you want for a group that’s trying to crack the elite ranks of your field? Do you want somebody who descends from on high to usher you into greatness? Or do you want somebody young, lesser known, and hungry to make their name in the field?

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    December 18, 2006 9:22 pm

    I wonder if Klinsi was trying for too much power and figured that his star would never be higher (and US Soccer’s never lower).

    I dunno – I think we just need someone to come in and kick the asses of whoever is out there competing for places and have the sac to bench underperformers like Donovan. It just seems it’s easier to do if we don’t have the same regime (Bradley) in place who may not think outside of the box and give younger players a chance.

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