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More Thoughts On The Election

October 28, 2006

After doing some more research and reading, the following thoughts have occurred to me…

  • Issue 3 seems like a worse idea now that I’ve read into it a bit more. I’m not against gambling per se, but the idea of amending the state constitution with the names of the only organizations who are allowed to run the gambling operations seems…a bit awkward. Shouldn’t this be done in a law, instead? Doing the “right” thing the wrong way hardly seems like something to get too excited about.
  • This leads me to Issue 2 – I like the idea of raising the minimum wage, but I need to figure out what the issue is about potential privacy concerns before deciding for sure.
  • There’s a certain black comedy quality about the two competing smoking bans, but mostly in the sad way that the Issue 4 folks are characterizing themselves. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to make smoking tobacco illegal in all cases, but the idea of big tobacco arguing for a “common sense” smoking ban that would trump all more restrictive bans is…funny.
  • I have no idea what Issue 6 is.
  • Issue 7 is COTA – and I’m a proud COTA rider, and enough of an urbanist to want even more public transit. Enough said.
  • One of Mark’s feeds earlier today sent me to The Nation’s website, where I saw an article titled “The Torture Election“. Go read it, if you haven’t yet, and use it for a reminder about what’s at stake in this (and every) election. I’m tempted to print the whole thing out and hang it on my office door at work, where some co-workers are of a decidedly different political slant than myself. It might provoke some interesting discussions.

It’s late, so I’m going to leave things at this. No matter what you may believe, please do be sure to vote on Election Day.

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