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General Update

October 21, 2006

Yet another smorgasbord of random stuff…

  • For the last week I’ve been working on renovating our dining room. It’s almost done, just one more coat of sponging paint to go, and then I can move everything back in. I’m 45 minutes in, and I’ve got one wall done. Wish me luck, I need to finish this before I go to sleep tonight.
  • I’m a bit frustrated that only 1 of the 4 MLS playoff games this weekend are available on the league’s website. I suppose its good that so many of the games are on a national deal that precludes the online coverage, but I’ve quite liked the opportunity to follow the league this season via their video service. I wish there was a way to get more games shown via the website for those of us without cable. At least the NE-Chicago game tomorrow is on ABC.
  • The competing smoking bans here in Ohio are…amusing. At least the pro-smoking crowd now have an ad out that addresses the difference between their “ban” and the actual ban. The Other Paper had a cover story about their tactics last week, and I was wondering if they’d continue that tactic of confusion. For the record, Issue 4 will trump Issue 5 if they both pass – so if you want any sort of realistic ban, vote no on 4 and yes on 5.
  • Let’s hear it for midwestern college football! Ohio State thumped Indiana (surprise, surprise), while Notre Dame pulled off the last gasp victory over UCLA. Michigan beat Penn State. And West Virginia racked up another big victory on Friday night. That’s 4 teams from this area of the country that are, I think, in the top 10. Including the top two in Ohio State and Michigan.
  • Working on the house all week has made me a bit stir crazy, but it has allowed me to listen to a fair bit of my music collection again. I’ll have to dig out the track lists for a few of the mix CDs I made several years ago and post them – some interesting songs and contrasts on some of those discs.
  • Speaking of Ohio State and Michigan, I wonder when the last time was that a #1 team in the country faced two teams at #2 in the regular season? Damn, this year’s showdown should be epic.

Gotta get back to work – the walls aren’t going to sponge themselves. I’m hoping that I can post some pictures of the finished room here tomorrow.

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