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Wellness Tip: The True Price of a Bargain Meal

October 20, 2006

This nugget was in an email that the university sent around today, and it got my attention.

For only 67 extra cents, you can get an overflowing amount of fries, a huge soda pop, and a super-duper burger. But this is no bargain! The effect that it has on your weight and lifestyle is buying more calories that your body can use. It may run you more than 7 dollars in the end. Researchers say that is what each supersize meal costs, assuming the extra calories turn to fat, which in turn increases the amount of money you spend on food, gas, and medical care to sustain an ever-heavier body.

7 dollars worth of hidden costs for each supersizing? Damn…

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  1. Jamie permalink
    October 30, 2006 10:07 am

    I’ve discovered that the best way to go eat at fast food places is to simply not buy fries. No one needs all those extra starches and trans fats. That’s what makes you fat, not the sugar or the oil… the starches. Americans get so much starch in their diets that their bodies can’t deal with it.

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