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Personal Note

September 28, 2006

10:59, press Return

Carole and I celebrated our third anniversary on Wednesday. We took the day off from work, had a leisurely morning with Xavier before dropping him off at child care, and eventually ended up at Bon Vie for lunch. Bon Vie is one of our favorite restaurants in Columbus, so any chance we have to sit on their patio, eat and watch the world go by, we’ll take.

The plan originally had been to hit the dollar theater and see at least two movies, since we haven’t had much chance to actually watch movies lately. That was undone by our leisurely morning, unfortunately, but it was good to not have to watch the clock for much of the day.

After lunch, we walked around Easton briefly before Carole decided that she wanted to go pick up Xavier to have him with us. I didn’t object, so after a quick ice cream detour (he was asleep the first time we tried to pick him up) we got him and headed off to get him his first haircut.

That was an adventure. The place we originally tried to go, Larry’s Kids, has apprently closed – and we didn’t want the schlep all the way to Polaris for the next closest children’s haircut place, so we just took him to a salon around the corner (from Larry’s Kids). His hair looks much better now, and the experience didn’t traumatize him too terribly much. At least he’s in no more danger of being mistaken for a girl with his long hair.

Not that I’d know anything about that.

The night was capped off by dinner at Brookside – a present from Vince and Diane (Carole’s parents). The three of us had a good time there; we found out Xavier really likes their three-cheese fettucini alfredo, and they let us take our deserts to go as it was rapidly passing Xavier’s bedtime by that point.

All in all, a very good anniversary. Third anniversaries, at least ours, don’t seem to be the big deal of a nice round number, but we’ve been married long enough now that we’re starting to settle into a routine. Carole kidnapped me to New York City for our first anniversary, and for our second she was 7 months pregnant – so there wasn’t much that we could do. We’ll have to see what numbers 4 and 5 bring.

It’s becoming a constant refrain, but I’m hoping to get some pictures sent around soon of the little guy’s recent experiences. No promises.

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