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These People Want To Kill Us

September 23, 2006

There’s a political ad showing in Ohio these days that continues the right’s fear-mongering tactics. I think the group behind it is “Progress For America”. I’m debating how to respond to it – I had something mostly written tonight, but deleted it because it was too easy to get snarky and respond to little points but miss the bigger arguments.

I find it amusing how the ad lists Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah as groups that “want to kill us”. Now, admittedly, I’m not as well informed as I used to be, back in the days when I read all sorts of news magazines, but I seem to recall that Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah are more concerned with opposing Israel than plotting terrorist attacks against US citizens.

There’s also the irony in describing these groups as trying to subjugate women, coming from an ideology that’s actively trying to deny equal rights to homosexuals, undermine affirmative action, revoke Roe vs. Wade,  and effectively establish a state religion.

It would be interesting to try and mash up the ad using the same soundtrack, but with different/opposing visuals.

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