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The Gamut of Emotions

September 23, 2006

Sports-wise, it’s been quite a weekend. The Crew continue to waste every opportunity to claw their way into the playoffs, most recently managing only a draw against a Houston team that’s struggled themselves. Now, we have to win each of our last three games while hoping that New York doesn’t get more than 3 points, while Kansas City can’t get more than 1. Oh – and those two teams play each other on the last day of the season, so one of them is going to get points there. Not that I expect the Crew to still be alive by that point – I don’t see this team having the mental strength to win 3 in a row.

Fulham lost, 0-2 to Chelski. Not surprising, but its never pleasant to lose to your most bitter rival. I haven’t seen the score, but apparently Lille lost to Lyon as well.

Meanwhile, the Buckeyes managed to stumble their way to another victory. At least the defense continues to stymie Penn State at home – I want to say they haven’t scored more than 10 points in the Horseshoe since joining the Big Ten. The final score (28-6) doesn’t represent the game accurately – we were in very real danger of losing this one for  a very long time, and it was only two late interceptions that made things safe. Good teams find a way to win, but I’d feel a lot more comfortable if the team could find that way a little earlier in the game 🙂

I do feel for Penn State’s quarterback though – it’s got to be tough to know that your two mistakes basically killed any chance for your team to win the game. Talk about your learning experiences.

Notre Dame just finished a stunning comeback against the Spartans – so good for them. My loyalties on this one are divided – Jamie went to ND, so I pull for the Irish in a lot of games, but my father and Bill both went to Michigan State – so I can’t really hope that they lose either. It did seem like a good game – which ultimately is all I can hope for in that game. Hope they both win next weekend.

When does the NHL season start? I heard the Blue Jackets on the radio, I think in a preseason match but I’m not sure at this point. It should be interesting to see if this is finally their year to not suck. Then again, even if they do suck (again), they’ll have good company.

More thoughts, on non-sports topics, in the next post.

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  1. Jamie permalink
    September 24, 2006 8:51 pm

    Sorry I missed everyone at the Crew game… but great mother of all that is sweet and pretty, if I had missed that ND/MSU game I’d have shipped myself to Singapore for an immediate caning.

    I almost turned off an ND game early ONCE (well, not counting the Davie/Willingham era that Charlie Weis is currently dragging us out of) but my father stopped me, and thanks to him I didn’t miss the now-famous “Cheerios” Bowl (the 1992 Sugar Bowl, Notre Dame 39, Florida 28). This game was firmly in that category, particularly after the fiasco against Michigan. One of the greatest comebacks I’ve ever seen. PERIOD.

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