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There are 2 types of people…

September 11, 2006

A few years ago, a co-worker gave me a T-shirt from ThinkGeek that read:

There are 10 types of people in this world; those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

That shirt is one of my favorites, but lately I’ve been thinking about the existence of 2 types of people in general – at work, in families, in life. There are a few different ways to look at these two types.

One way to look at the groups is that there are people who get things done, and there are people who complain. The split is one of optimists vs. pessimists, of action and sniping. Given that split, I think most people would prefer to be in the first category. Who wants to be a complainer, or force of negativity?

Another way of looking at these same two groups, though, is that there are people who respect the proper way of doing things, and those who will stop at nothing to get their way, ignoring any inconvenient rules or procedures that say they can’t.  Now, when these are the choices it’s not as clear cut right? I wonder if people would always say that they favor following the rules in every case – or if it’s a generally-held belief that there are always times when the expedient way is better than the “proper” way.

This is the sort of question that’s been popping into my head more and more often recently – maybe I’ll get into why, and some more specific examples, in a little while. For now, though, I’ve got to get to bed.

As a postscript, this is my only mention of today’s anniversary of 9/11 because I figure the best way to rise above the events (both then and now) is to live life normally. I remember 9/11 on more days than just today, and don’t want to play into the grandstanding that’s going on around them.

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  1. Thierry Henraldinho permalink
    September 15, 2006 2:52 am

    bravo on the 9/11 stuff. As I wrote on my other blog, I celebrate 9/12!

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