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Montgomery Moth Had A Problem…

August 5, 2006

So I’ve found a theme for my “teach myself PHP” website – at least for the next day or so:

Hire The Bernhardts!

(by the way, the title of today’s entry comes from a story I read in elementary school where this little kid is trying to write a story – but he can’t think of how to begin. He has the action, he can do everything – but write the first paragraph. So, after much hemming and hawing, he starts it “Montgomery Moth had a problem…” – turning his problem into its own solution. I’ve found that’s a great approach to take with life.)

Soon enough, I’ll be changing the site around a bit to accomodate one of two other projects I’m going to be starting on. Neither one is a paying project (at least not yet), but they’re real enough for me to sink my teeth into. I had a conversation with my father-in-law today, and he agreed to let me build sites for his law firm and his side company. I don’t know if he’ll be able to use either of them, but it’ll give me some more experience, and some good screenshots for a portfolio at least. And who knows – if I do a good enough job, then maybe he’ll see the value in actually using them (and thus maybe paying me).

Xavier update: he had his 9-month doctor’s visit on Friday. 30″ long, 19 pounds in weight. 91st percentile for height, 40th percentile for weight. Tall and skinny – kind of like Dad. He’s pulling himself up on the furniture, going up on tiptoe to try and get even taller. He’s crawling really well – on all 4 limbs, rather than 2 arms and a foot with the other foot dragging along. He also gets fussy at times, especially when you put him down on a changing table – which I’m told is normal (“…gullible isn’t in the dictionary…”). I love him like crazy. I’ll email pictures around to the usual suspects here in a week or two, I think.

Oh – and bully to the MLS All-Stars for defeating Chelsea today. Too bad the game was shifted to ESPN to accomodate Chelsea’s schedule, I would’ve liked to have watched it.

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