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Compilation CD: Many Blood-Sucking Parasites

July 13, 2006

Like a lot of people, occasionally I enjoy putting together CD\’s of my favorite music – sometimes around a theme, sometimes to express what I\’m feeling at a particular time, etc. Sometimes the projects become quite involved – including cover art and justifications for what songs are included. Occasionally I like to share some of that creativity here – like today.

This was a CD I put together before the election in 2004. It included 17 music tracks, and 10 spoken interludes taken from various movies, TV shows, and other sources. The music tracks are in bold below. The cover is above.

  1. Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie – Paul\’s Financial Report
  2. Daria – \”…almost like depth\”
  3. Liam Lynch – United States of America [George Bush Remix]
  4. The Clash – Know Your Rights
  5. Time Bandits – \”ravages of intelligence\”
  6. NoFX – American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)
  7. Alerte Rouge – La Critique
  8. Assassins/Stephen Sondheim – Another National Anthem
  9. Descendents – \’Merican
  10. President Ronald Reagan – \”We begin bombing in five minutes\”
  11. Bad Religion – The Empire Strikes First
  12. Rage Against The Machine – Renegades of Funk
  13. The Tick – \”Brace yourself…\”
  14. Swoons – What\’s The Color of Money?
  15. Time Bandits – \”Don\’t touch it! It\’s Evil!\”
  16. Bad Religion – American Jesus
  17. Five Iron Frenzy – Get Your Riot Gear
  18. Reel Big Fish – Unity [Operation Ivy cover]
  19. Leftover Crack – Gay Rude Boys Unite
  20. Wargames – \”global thermonuclear war\”
  21. The Selecter – Celebrate the Bullet [live]
  22. Marvin the Martian – \”Earth-shattering kaboom?\”
  23. Dropkick Murphys – Heroes From Our Past
  24. Mephiskapheles – Doomsday
  25. Dropkick Murphys – Which Side Are You On?
  26. Frou Frou – Holding On For A Hero [Bonnie Tyler cover]
  27. Tombstone – \”Does this mean we\’re not friends anymore?\”

While I don\’t particularly want to get into the politics of this CD (you can probably guess who I voted for), I was somewhat proud of the CD in that it managed to include music across several genres that all held to a theme – and the songs are all pretty decent to boot. Of course, it helped that the zeitgeist at the time had a number of songs that were political in nature – a second volume, done now, wouldn\’t have many more recent songs. As it was, I had to use a few bands (Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion) twice – and I\’m pretty sure that Five Iron Frenzy wouldn\’t be too happy to be included in the mix (born-again Christian bands don\’t tend to associate with quasi-Satanists like Mephiskapheles).

At any rate – that\’s one of my more recent mixes. At some point I\’ll dig up playlists from the others.

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