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Looking For Freelance Work

July 4, 2006

As a follow-up to yesterday’s posting – after Carole and I reviewed our situation over the weekend, I have decided to start looking for improved employment opportunities. Specifically, I’m looking for freelance opportunities in one of several different areas to augment the work that I already do.

My employment history gives me some flexibility, so the work I’m interested in includes:

  • Any web programming opportunity. I have experience in ASP and Cold Fusion, as well as HTML/XHTML/CSS. I’ve been exposed to AJAX, but haven’t used it in a production environment yet. I’m also willing to learn PHP if necessary, and I tend to pick up new languages fairly quickly. I’ve done several database-backed applications that sit on a MySQL back end, although I think I could translate that experience into any db-based system. I’ve attended MySQL certification training and have about 2 years of being a database administrator.
  • Positions involving digital fabrication (i.e. laser cutters, CNC milling, rapid prototyping, 3D scanning – anything that crosses the physical/digital divide). I’ve supported laser cutters and some 3-axis mills unofficially for several years now, and have for the last year ran the school’s digital fabrication lab. I’m a big believer in this technology, and would love to continue working with it in some manner.
  • Architectural work – whether red-lining, modeling, or rendering. My degrees are both in architecture, and I’ve stayed fairly current with those skills by teaching occasionally in the school and taking on limited freelance work from time to time. My formal work experience includes producing construction drawings and contract documents, and building small- and large-scale models. I’ve also done some rendering work on an independent basis, and have recently received some training in how to use Frank Gehry’s Digital Project (a re-branding of the CATIA engine for project simulation/modeling).

If you know of any opportunities that require someone with any of the skills I list above, please feel free to contact me. My email is, and I’d be glad to hear from you. My resume and  references are available upon request. I also have a profile on LinkedIn, if you’re interested in learning more about me that way.


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