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Obligatory “I’m Alive”

June 14, 2006

It seems that every blog, from time to time, goes through periods of inactivity and infrequent updates. Apparently it’s my turn. It’s also the custom to post something about this inactivity with a statement similar to “I hope to have more time to post very soon.” Yep – my turn.

I’m still here – still hanging in there, just taking some time to take stock of things. I’ve got a week to go until I become a lifetime member of WeightWatchers (current weight: 178.4). It’s summer quarter, so the students (and some faculty) are gone – which leaves me free to actually do some web work. Carole’s going to Miami next week, so I’ll have some time with Sacha all to myself.

Oh – and the World Cup is underway, and my building has a cable feed in the main auditorium (which, being summer quarter, is largely unused). So – if any of you want to stop down to catch a match or two, drop me an email. I’m usually good for at least the first half of whatever game is on at noon. Tomorrow is England-Trini 🙂

The less said about the Czech result the better.

And yes, I hope to be able to post in more depth soon.

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