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Hybrid Rental Cars?

May 17, 2006

Does anybody know of a company that offers hybrid cars for rent? I just completed my rental car for this Chicago trip, and wasn’t able to find one – but then, I didn’t look all that hard. I’m thinking the next time I might have to make that a priority. See how good they perform actually on a road, what sort of gas mileage I can get, etc. etc.

BTW, Priceline for rental cars is awesome – the best list price (for any size) I could find was about $330, so I checked them out and got a compact car for about $130. Which is well within my conference budget (I’d hoped to find something for $250).

WeightWatchers update: 2 weeks into my ‘maintenance phase’ and I’m doing okay – down to 178 actually. Just 4 weeks to go. The bonus is, last week Carole and I finished off the last of the mac and cheese in our house – I probably had a box and a third – and I’m still on target.

Gotta run, Xavier’s up…

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