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May 11, 2006

Xavier was 6 months old on Wednesday. It\’s a cliché, but I can\’t believe it\’s been that long. He celebrated by cutting his first tooth (left front on his bottom jaw). It\’s not really sticking out of the gum yet, but if you look closely (if you can get his mouth open and his tongue out of the way) you can definitely see a little line of white tooth in his gum. It\’s very exciting.

Then, today, I was watching him (Thursday\’s are my day to stay home and take care of him, at least for a few more weeks) and it hit me how close to crawling he actually is. He spun completely around on his stomach – purposefully. He\’s getting much better about putting his butt in the air too (of course, he usually ends up moving backwards rather than forwards – which frustrates him when he wanted to get closer to the toy that was just out of reach…). His pediatrician told Carole on Friday that when a baby gets to this stage, it\’s usually only a matter of weeks before he truly starts crawling. Oh goody.

Speaking of the pediatrician, she measured and poked and prodded on Friday – it turns out he\’s above the 90th percentile when it comes to height, but only in the 40s when it comes to weight. So for now at least he\’s long and skinny – which suits me fine. I wouldn\’t want him any skinnier than he is now, but considering the oft-mentioned childhood obesity figures, a little below average probably won\’t hurt him.

Last Sunday, Carole and I took him to the art museum – which completes the trifecta of civic institutions that we wanted to join (the other two being COSI and the Zoo). He slept through most of it, but it made me really glad to hope that he\’ll be exposed to places like that as he grows up. We just have to resolve to take him regularly, and talk to him about the things he sees there; if we value it ourselves, I think he\’ll be more likely to grow up valuing art and science and life as well.

The picture, by the way, is not of him – it\’s of me, also aged 6 months. My mother\’s been pretty good about sending along baby pictures of me at whatever age Xavier is at that point – which is really cool to see how similar he and I are/were.

More thoughts, not about Xavier, in another post.

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