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17.2 Pounds

April 25, 2006

I’m down another 2.8 lbs from last time (2 weeks ago) – so bully for me, I guess. I’m a bit stunned that I lost that much, honestly. The last two weeks have had a dinner at Carole’s grandmother’s (Italian grandma, thinks a “small bite to eat” is only 4 courses, etc), a full meal at Mark Pi’s, and the chinese buffet (Asian Star, on Sawmill). And I missed my indoor game last Friday.

Total weight loss is a shade over 17 pounds – so about 3 to go until I’m at my original goal weight. I need to look up the chart, but I think 180 is a good weight for somebody who’s 6’2″.

Then I get to turn my attention to good vs. bad cholesterol. Fun!

PS – aether is okay. No Fenster, but not American Idol either.

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