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Software Lust

April 14, 2006

For the last two days I’ve been in non-stop training sessions at work for an application called Digital Project. It’s a parametric modeler/building information modeler that’s been developed by Frank Gehry (the architect behind the Bilbao Guggenheim, Experience Music Project, and the Disney Concert Hall – among others).

I have a serious case of software lust – the program kicks ass. After two days, the 9 of us in the training sessions (4 faculty, 4 students, and me) are producing some really cool interactive models. “Interactive” in that if you make a room longer, the walls adjust to fit the new dimensions. A screen with openings that get bigger as you push and pull the screen into tighter curves and undulations.

If I get the chance, I’ll try to post an animation or two of these things in action.

PS – in the spirit of Bridget Jones: current weight loss: 14 pounds. Almost down to my goal weight of 180. Carole’s close on my heels, having lost over 13 herself.

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